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The Kenilworth Cheese Factory was established in 1950 by the Kraft Corporation to manufacture bulk cheese. The factory was closed in the 1980’s when Kraft centralised their production. This move left many in the local community unemployed.

With the support of a local businessman several of the factory’s employees then purchased the factory. It re-opened for business in September 1990 as Kenilworth Country Foods. Now in it’s third incarnation, the factory was recently purchased by a well-known local dairying family in 2017. Today the cheese and dairy factory is known as Kenilworth Dairies.

Kraft Cheese Factory at Kenilworth

Historic Kenilworth Cheese

The bulk cheese producing factory (Kraft) was changed into a boutique handcrafted gourmet cheese operation in the 1990s with knowledge gained from the best cheese makers in the area. Principal among these was a gentleman by the name of Peter “Poppa” Hansen. Hansen was Queensland’s master cheesemaker after the turn of the century. He was based on the Darling Downs in a small town called Malling.

Poppa Hansen

In the town of Malling he developed the two cheeses which would become the cornerstone for the Kenilworth range; Malling Red and Malling Roma. Poppa Hansen’s techniques and recipes are still employed today in the manufacture of these two historic, aged, wax-coated masterpieces. They remain the centrepiece of the Kenilworth Dairies’ range.

Cheesemakers at work

Cheese Making Today

Over the years the skills and techniques utilised at Kenilworth have been developed to reflect the changing desires of the Australian consumer. We now create cheeses that cater to a broad range of tastes, textures, varieties and occasions – from specialty, aged premium vintage cheddars through to everyday family cheddars.

Our Cheese Makers

Our cheeses-makers are a talented group of craftspeople, passionate about making fine dairy products. Kenilworth Dairies create a wide range of cheese in the one factory; from our simple Mild Cheddar to our most complex and mature, Malling Red and Malling Roma. Quality cheese requires quality ingredients – and the best cow’s milk. Fresh milk travels a short distance from our farms to be made into fine cheese.


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“We acknowledge the traditional owners past and present on whose land we walk, we work, we live and respect.”