Great cheese has real character.
At Kenilworth Dairies we have a character for every occasion.


Our handcrafted foundation cheese recipes date back to the 1920s. Complimented with a series of sophisticated matured vintage cheddars, some are presented in traditional waxed packaging.

Gourmet Flavoured

Our delicious handcrafted cheddar cheeses are infused with a variety of flavours to create a popular range of unique cheese experiences. From Lemon Myrtle to Chilli and everything in between, there is a flavour to suit every palate.


Kenilworth Dairies’ Mild and Matured Cheddar cheeses are perfect everyday cheeses for the whole family to enjoy. Popular with the kids and those who just like to keep it simple.


Our fetta is a firm, open cheese with a slight salty taste, easy to cut or crumble and perfect for salads and snacks.