Kenilworth Dairies formerly Kenilworth Country Foods 60 years of cheese making a slice of Queensland history 6 generations of farming a dairy farming family tradition
Kenilworth Dairies 60 years of cheesemaking 6 generations of farming

Cheese has been made in Kenilworth for more than 60 years. The Cochrane family, dairy farmers in the region for six generations, became the new owners of the Kenilworth cheese factory in June 2017.

Now known as Kenilworth Dairies, they provide the freshest, highest quality milk from their dairy farms in the nearby Mary Valley. And so a tradition of ‘udderly’ delicious and ‘udderly’ nutritious cheese, yoghurt and other fine dairy foods will continue for many years to come.



From handcrafted, matured, wax-coated cheeses made using traditional recipes, to a wide range of flavoured gourmet club cheddars, to every-day family favourite cheddars and fetta cheese. At Kenilworth Dairies we have a cheese for every taste and a cheese for every occasion.


At Kenilworth Dairies our original Natural Yoghurt is a perfect balance of tart and sweet. For those who love flavour, there’s our range of wonderful creamy honeyed yoghurt and our delicious combinations of real fruit flavours. We have a style, texture and flavour for everyone.


Our delicious Chocolate Mousse is smooth and creamy with a light, aerated texture that simply melts in your mouth. Plain mousse, mint mousse, mousse with crumble. Irresistible, glorious mousse.

Ice Cream

At Kenilworth Dairies we hand make our own delicious ice creams which you can enjoy daily at Poppa’s Cafe. With so many different flavours we know you will be stumped for choice.



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Kenilworth is a vibrant little Sunshine Coast Hinterland town, 60 kms west of Noosa. Visit Kenilworth Dairies 7 days a week to sample our magnificent cheese, yoghurt and mousse. You can also shop for our own and other locally produced gourmet goodies in our factory store, or just enjoy a coffee, lunch or one of our handmade ice creams in Poppa’s Café. A picturesque drive to a tasty destination.


Mary Valley Farms

Kenilworth Dairies comprises three productive farms in the Mary Valley, at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Friesian, Holstein, Brown Swiss and Jersey cattle are employed for the various characteristics they contribute to creating the perfect milk.



Then & Now

The Kenilworth cheese factory was established in 1950 by the Kraft Corporation but was closed in the 1980’s. Read about how this historic cheese factory has been re-invented over the years.

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